MATANA a Brisbane based Fijian Cultural group expressing our culture through song and dance.


MATANA (Mah-Tah-Nah) means Face in the Fijian language and as Fijians living in Brisbane, we are a representation of the face of our rich Fijian culture in the community of Brisbane. 

Our traditions and customs are a part of our beautiful Fijian ancestry which we are proud to honour through our MATANA Fijian cultural group. 

vakarau     laga     meke





It is our mission at Matana to continue the sharing of Fijian song, dance and language passed down through the generations with and beyond our Fijian community.


Our aim is to create a platform for our community to learn, respect and uphold our Fijian traditions and customs while living abroad


We believe that it is important for our generation to be equipped and educated with cultural pride and knowledge. 


Our vision at MATANA is to create a space where people can find ownership and strength in knowing and valuing their Fijian heritage. At MATANA we aim to build community, unity and identity through our Fijian culture. 

MATANA - Brisbane 2017